FAQ - If your question is not answered above or see it listed here please email me with the link provided so I can answer and update this section.

Are tables and chairs included?

Each venue at Gate City comes with a set number of tables and chairs included, our events coordinator will give you exact info during the booking process. Any additional tables and chairs beyond what we provide will need to be brought in by the renter.

Is the space climate controlled?

Yes! All indoor rental spaces at Gate City have heat and air conditioning, each space is unique and temperatures can vary depending on how many people are in each space, etc. Please note, that with larger groups comes more body heat sothere are times when even with the AC blasting the space can feel warm.

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in any catering you would like, though we are happy to recommend ones we feel do a great job. We do ask any caterer be licensed and insured. Any food trucks must be approved by the brewery prior to confirming their services. Our special events coordinator can provide you with our recommended vendor list. Please note we do not have a kitchen onsite and limited prep space.

Do you provide bottled water or sodas? Do you have ice onsite?

No, we do not have any bottled water or other non-alcoholic beverages, as well as, ice or coolers available at the brewery. Any of these items will need to be brought by the renter or caterer.

Does your staff help with set up and can they move furniture for the event?

While we are happy to help facilitate the process and are often willing to assist, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the renter to set up the venue and arrange any furniture in the manner you prefer.

How much parking do you have?

The brewery, itself, does not have dedicated parking; however being we are in the heart of Historic Downtown Roswell, there are several both paid and unpaid parking lots in the area. You can find more details at http://exploreroswell.com/mapparking/.

Are there restrictions on decorations?

Please no glitter, feathers or confetti (even in balloons) of any kind. No tape or adhesive on the walls. Any candles should be encased in glass and nothing that will alter the look of our walls and floor or cause permanent damage to the space.

Can we bring in a band or DJ?

Yes, however they will need to provide their own sound equipment. Please note we often have bands in the main Taproom or in the Brewyard so it may impact the sound during your event. Please contact special events coordinator if you need clarificatoin.

Do you have trash cans? Do we need to provide our own liners?

We typcially have 2 trash cans per venue location, and we provide the liners as well. You and/or your caterer are responsible for removing all trash from the space at the end of the event. We do have a dumpster on site.